THU Statement
THU is dedicated to being the central organization that psychologically, spiritually, technically, educationally and legally supports the global digital artist and ensures that the world understands and celebrates their artistry and craft.

What is the THU Store?
The THU Store has been established as a way for the THU Tribe to access their favorite clothing, sketchbooks and treats all year round. And since THU is a not-for-profit organization, by supporting this store you will be giving back and help secure its future in the industry.

Who is The Tribe?
The THU Tribe was established in 2013 as a group of 150 incredible people who believed in the vision of a digital arts festival with a difference. Now, we are proud to see that The Tribe is built up of literally thousands of artists around the world from all manner of creative disciplines. Through shared passions, mindsets, and experiences, the Tribe unites as one.

Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, attend one of our many global Gatherings and watch our amazing videos on Vimeo or Youtube.

Contact us
If you have any general questions about the products or inquiries regarding shipping and returns, drop us a line at